Our leadership team coordinates the due diligence process to provide assistance to you through realistic project feasibility assessment, development strategy and planning. We take care of all aspects related to the process including preparation of entitlement assessments, budgets, cash flows and schedules for in-depth project analysis and evaluation.

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, with community groups and concerned activists regularly a part of the review and approval process; they also help shape the actions of public decision makers. The scope, the cost and the time line involved in gaining approvals are major determinants of a project's success or failure. Waypoint's professionals have guided scores of proposals through this complicated process. It's knowing the ins and outs of the Boston zoning code, the experience to know what's feasible and a track record of being able to interact successfully with the many agencies and individuals that govern the development process in Boston that allows Waypoint to add value to a project at every step along the way.

Property Condition Assessment

We provide Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services to prospective buyers, taking into account risk tolerance level, budget and transaction time constraints. We provide thorough property inspection services and report our findings to you. Any significant physical deficiencies are documented and an estimate of probable costs for necessary repair or replacement is provided in our written report.

A visual survey is conducted on:

  • Structural Systems

  • Roofing

  • Facades

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Systems

  • Conveying Systems

Replacement Reserve Studies

As properties age, expenditures for replacements and improvements are imperative for maintaining your asset and its competitive position in the market. A replacement reserve helps take care of these future capital costs. We help you identify, quantify and budget monies to fund future major building repairs and replacements. This is an important aspect of planning as insufficient funding of replacement reserves could result in significant physical deterioration, functional obsolescence and more costly future expenditures. We conduct a replacement reserve study and make recommendations that would best preserve your asset's value while remaining within your budget.