As highly dedicated, seasoned construction professionals, we will coordinate a team that best suits your needs and provide an objective, technical assessment to help you reach dispute resolution. We understand that you want straightforward, commercially sensible counsel that will enable you to resolve your disputes or differences in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our goal is to manage and minimize the inherent risks that often arise in real estate development and construction while ensuring that your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Construction Claims Services

Our seasoned professionals have experience in identifying, analyzing and preparing construction claims and disputes for construction and engineering projects. As your representative, we anticipate issues and provide the proper planning and foresight. We work hard to ensure a fair and cooperative environment for all to succeed, which ultimately minimizes disputes. Should a construction claim occur, we do all that we can to identify liability, quantify damage and promote successful resolution in the most efficient and timely manner.

Our Construction Claims Services include:

  • Claims Identification

  • Acceleration Claims

  • Change Order Impacts

  • Claim Preparation and Presentation

  • Construction Defect Evaluation

  • Damage Assessments

  • Disruption Assessments

  • Risk Evaluation and Quantification

  • Schedule Delay Analysis

  • Site Condition Assessments